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*Updated 2017 Edition of the Rocket Spanish Review*

rocket spanish review 2017

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Before I get started with this in-depth Rocket Spanish review let me start with a little background about myself. I was just like you. A complete beginner to learning Spanish. In fact I’m still learning. Why you ask? Because I firmly believe learning never stops.

Since high-school I struggled and struggled in trial and error trying to find the best way to learn Spanish.  I enrolled in classes, hired tutors, read books, and even gave “old-school” popular home programs a try.

I’ve attempted many methods to overcoming my fear of learning a second language.You know, that voice in your head that assures you it can’t be done. Well, after sticking with it and pushing through the initial difficulties I’ve come to realize that the same voice that used to doubt me is now the voice ensuring me I can.

Having gone through numerous programs I ended up finding success with one particular course beyond all others. And since I assume you are a beginner reading this, I will be writing this review of the Rocket Spanish program from the perspective of just that, a beginner.

And as a learner with full access to the program and all its parts I will be providing you with everything I have experienced first-hand: including both the positives and the negatives, and why I think this course if the most effective method to learning everyday spoken Spanish.

Here is a breakdown of what I will be covering in this review:

  1. The Positive Aspects
  2. The Negative Aspects
  3. Who this course is designed for
  4. Who this course is not designed for
  5. How I am using Rocket Languages to learn Spanish


The Positive Aspects

Firstly, this course’s main focus is on emphasizing modern, everyday, spoken Latin American Spanish. And luckily for us, that is what most beginning Spanish learners are searching for. Most older programs are tailored towards traditional Iberian Spanish (the Spanish that is spoken in Spain), or  However, Rocket Languages gives a fresh take on the actual everyday spoken Latin American Spanish that actually exists in the United States and worldwide.

After watching hours upon hours of Spanish television and movies, filling my ears with beautiful Spanish music, and conversing with Spanish-speaking friends I have made, I can honestly say that the way they teach you to speak in this program is how people actually talk!

This is where Rocket Spanish truly shines and separates itself from the competition. You will be amazed at the feedback you get from native speakers when you are learning how to speak just like them in everyday situations.

They do an amazing job at covering the more formal and proper Spanish you would need to know without diving too deep into outdated and unnecessary “old-school” Spanish. You know, the type given to you in your high-school text book. Unfortunately, a lot of online courses still take this approach. But not Rocket Spanish!

The majority of this course emphasizes friendly, informal, and common everyday speech.

Rocket Spanish Review
Play the audio lesson from your computer, or download them all to use on your mobile device/mp3 player.

Secondly, the entire Rocket course is easily accessible on their website. There is no complicated installations or waiting for delivery through the mail. Just log in, and baaam! Everything is there, laid out for you on their awesome dashboard that helps you organize your days and keep track of your progress. Every lesson, audio clip, or video can be streamed directly from their site. There is never a need to download anything.

Rocket Spanish Review

At the same time, if you are more of a mobile learner and like to learn on-the-go, then the Rocket language program also allows you to download each and every lesson, audio clip, or video to your mobile device, mp3 player, or computer. It’s completely easy- each lesson has links where you can download audio files and pdf’s to go along with the accompanying lesson.

Try your free 7 day trial of the Rocket Spanish program here.

Another fantastic feature of the Rocket Spanish program is ROCKETrecord. This is their unique interface that allows you to record your own voice and compare it with a native speaker. Each Spanish lesson is broken down into individual words so you can better understand each phrase individually.

Rocket Spanish Review

For example, in the picture above you can see two distinct recordings. In this instance the native speaker is saying ¿Cómo te llamas? (What is your name?). You then have an opportunity to record yourself to practice your pronunciation and rerecord until you get it right. This is a great tool because it allows you compare your pronunciation to a native Spanish speaker. The more you practice the closer you will be to sounding like an actual native Spanish speaker.


Rocket Spanish Review

After each lesson there are also Role playing tracks. Essentially, you are placed in the role of one of the Spanish speakers from the conversation in the lesson you just took. This is fundamental in learning Spanish because it will get you to really think on your toes and respond in an everyday Spanish conversation.

Rocket Spanish Review
This is only the 1st of 8 modules worth of lessons

The organization of the program is phenomenal. Rocket Languages has laid everything out for you in a practical and sequential order so that each lesson builds upon the last. Just follow the study plan that is located right in your dashboard inside the website.

Rocket Spanish Review

Rocket Spanish also offers very interactive tests at the end of each individual lesson as well as a larger exam at the end of each module. I love these tests because they really make you recall and retain what you learned during the lessons. The tests also attack learning and implementing your knowledge from different angles. Each test contains audio portions, recording portions, writing portions, role playing portions, and question portions. After completion of each test you are given feedback and your score so you can keep track of your progress. There is no limit on how many times you can retake the tests, just like the lessons.

Lastly, the availability of the Rocket Spanish Language Learning Community Forum is another great tool to your journey. Here on the forum you will be able to converse with other people who are learning Spanish as well using the same course! In addition, you will also find Spanish instructors and staff members on the forum constantly helping members with questions. You’ll find new posts each day by members of the program, Spanish teachers, and native Spanish speakers.

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The Negative Aspects

This was the hardest part of my Rocket Spanish review since there was not much I disliked about the course. But as with anything in life, nothing is perfect, so here are the few negatives I noticed with the program.

The mobile app that comes with the program doesn’t allow you to download the audio for offline listening. If you wish to download the audio lessons onto your mobile device or mp3 you must download them off a computer or laptop first and then transfer it to your device. Not the worst thing in the world, since I mostly access their course on my laptop, but the mobile app could be improved.

Secondly, you have to purchase the course through the Rocket Languages website. You can’t buy a physical CD set in stores. I personally prefer the digital course and being able to access it on my computer without any physical clutter, but it may not be for people who like having a physical CD set.

Thirdly, the Rocket Languages Spanish course is not best suited for those looking to learn Iberian Spanish (the Spanish spoken in Spain). While Iberian Spanish and Latin American Spanish share basic fundamentals, a lot of the everyday speech taught in this course is more common to Native Latin American Spanish speakers.

Lastly, because this program is tailored towards teaching you to speak Spanish it may not be the best solution if you are strictly looking to learn advanced grammar for an AP class or exam (which are often focused on traditional Iberian Spanish). While Rocket Spanish does cover grammar, structure, and fundamentals the majority of its emphasis is focused on informal everyday Latin American Spanish.

Who this course is designed for

This course is designed for the following types of Spanish Learners:

  • Those who are more interested in learning to speak Spanish rather than solely read and write it. (While the course does cover reading and writing, the main focus is on speaking the language).
  • Those looking to learn Latin American Spanish (AKA: the Spanish spoken in Latin America, the United States, Canada, etc.)
  • Individuals who would like to learn to speak the same everyday common spoken Spanish that is used by Natives.
  • Individuals who have Spanish speaking friends, relatives, customers, or colleagues that they would like to be able to converse with and understand everyday spoken Spanish.
  • A complete beginner to Spanish who knows little, if any Spanish. If you are a little past beginner to a semi-intermediate Spanish speaker I would recommend the Learning Spanish Like Crazy course.
  • Individuals who are traveling to a Spanish-speaking country sometime within the next 6-12 months. This time frame will provide you enough time to get through at least the intermediate level course in addition to practicing your Spanish using other supplementary methods.
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Who this course is not designed for

This course is not designed for the following types of Spanish Learners:

  • Individuals who are specifically looking to learn the more traditional Iberian Spanish. .
  • Those who are more interested in learning the formal grammar rules of writing Spanish.
  • Individuals preparing for an AP test or university exam whose sole focus is on grammar comprehension.
  • Anyone who’s traveling to a Spanish-speaking country in the next few days or weeks and needs an immediate quick crash course in Spanish right away.  For you I’d instead recommend Synergy Spanish.

How I am using Rocket Languages to learn Spanish

I believe the Rocket Languages Spanish program is the most essential foundation you can have for learning Spanish online. However, as with anything in life it never hurts to take in a well rounded perspective on things. So with that in mind, to get the most out of your language learning experience I would highly recommend supplementing your Rocket Spanish Program with these other great resources:

  • Language Exchange Sites/Communities (such as on iTalki)
  • AudioBooks
  • Mobile Apps
  • Spanish Music Videos
  • Spanish Cartoons (such as on YouTube)
  • Spanish Comics
  • Spanish Television

You can see the full list of resources I have compiled for you here.

The expense of hiring private tutors can be extremely high.

While private tutors can be an effective strategy they are often a very costly one. The Rocket Spanish Online Course allows you to learn at your own pace and without any pressure. If you find a lesson needs more review you can always replay the lesson to get more practice in that area. Likewise, if you find a lesson too simple you can always jump to the next lesson as well. This way you are able to truly learn what you need to know faster than through a private tutor or classroom setting.

Full 60-day money back guarantee:

There are no risks involved since Rocket Languages Spanish offers a full 60-day money back guarantee. That’s right, try out the program, navigate the dashboard, take part in some lessons. If it’s absolutely not for you then contact them at any time and their excellent customer service team will give you a full 100% money back refund.

Well we’ve finally made it to the end. Thanks for bearing with me. This concludes my Rocket Spanish review. I hope in some way it has helped you decide if it is the right program for you. If you would like to try out the program for yourself I recommend trying out their free 7 day trial to really see if this is the right program for you. If it’s not for you you can always cancel at any time and try out another one of the language learning community’s best recommended language learning programs. You can find access to the Rocket Spanish free trial below:

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