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Are you looking to supplement your language learning course with some real-world experience? If so, you should consider trying a language exchange community to practice what you learned with a real person. In this italki review I will explain why it is, without a doubt, the best one out there.

*Updated 2017 italki Review*

Nothing speeds up your learning process faster than implementing what you learned in real-time experience. Language exchanges pair you with native speakers who can pick up on little subtleties that make a big difference on your overall speaking skills.

If speaking with someone across a computer in a different state (or even country) intimidates you I understand. But don’t worry. You get to choose who you want to work with and when you want to work with them. The members are very helpful, friendly, and genuinely concerned with your success.

After testing out different exchange websites I found one to stand above the rest in ease, comfortably, and results. The one language exchange community I highly recommend is iTalki. What separates iTalki from other language exchange websites is the sense of community. From the moment I joined the online atmosphere there seems like one big family.

From the very start other members made me feel very comfortable and allowed me to move at my own pace. Every one is there for the same reasons as you. To practice their language with others. No one judges you. You are all succeeding on the path to fluency together.

In this italki review I am going to cover the benefits of adding this resource to your arsenal as well as who this is community is best designed for.

The benefits of joining iTalki language exchange:

1.) 1-on-1 Lessons:

Never underestimate the power of having real-world experience in learning any new skill. Access to this community provides you 1-on-1 lessons with native language teachers and the opportunity to connect to native speakers from around the world. Being able to have such dedicated practice of what you learned in your language course is priceless.

italki review

Think of a language learning program as the knowledge. Think of practicing with a real person as the application of that knowledge.

It is through this combination of knowledge and application where you see the most dramatic results in your language learning.

2.) Teacher Reviews:

Another great feature that separates iTalki from other language exchange and language tutoring sites is you can read real teachers’ reviews from previous students so you can choose the one who is best for you.

You no longer have to worry about wondering if this teacher is the right one for you. Read the reviews and find the teacher who’s style you resonate most with.

3.) Date and Time Convenience:

If you are a busy person with an unpredictable schedule then this website is the choice for you. You are able to set a date and time that works best with your schedule.

With access to the interface from your laptop, tablet, or mobile device you can put your new language skills to practice literally anywhere!

4.) Customization and Flexibility:


Maybe the single greatest advantage about iTalki lessons is that their teachers can customize their lessons based on your current needs and interests. There is no concrete curriculum.

The ability to learn what you want to learn and focus on your sticking points gives you a leg up on those learning in a conventional classroom setting. In that environment you are forced to move at the pace of the class. You may need to move things faster or slower. Either way with this language exchange community you have total control over your learning.

5.) Learning Beyond the Language:

When you have the opportunity to learn a new language with real people you learn far more than just the language. Through immersion you are exposed to a new culture and appreciation of it.

There are some things you simply won’t pick up in a classroom setting. Speaking with real native speakers allows you to apply your new knowledge from your language learning course in a way you can’t from a high-school, college, or university class.

Who iTalki is best designed for:

  • People who want to learn to speak a new language faster by actually applying their knowledge with a real person.
  • Those who want to practice their new language on their own terms, time, and pace.
  • Individuals who don’t have native speakers readily around and available where they live, work, and socialize.

If you are feeling a bit stuck in your language learning journey the iTalki app can be the one thing that gets you “over the hump.” I know it helped me improve my ability to speak and understand my new language immensely when I was able to actually practice what I had learned from my language learning software.

So what are you waiting for? If you are looking to add some real-life experience to go along with your language learning program then why not practice with friendly people who actually want to see you succeed.

At the very least come on on inside and take a look around. You’ll be surprised at how much actually goes on inside this amazing group. You can join me and thousands of others inside the iTalki community here.

¡Hasta luego! (See you later)

italki review




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